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About Us

We're an organization whose heart and passion is to encourage men & women to step into and fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose.”

The original concept was conceived as a collaborative effort by Elder Sheryl Taffe, and Deborah Cadore. Before the Covid 19 pandemic, the idea was to create a workshop that would cater to the spirit, soul, and body as we kick off the New Year.  It consisted of health advice, skincare, makeup tips, and motivational speaking centered around the word of God. At that time, the original name of the endeavor was called "New Year, New You."

Elder Sheryl Taffe was later inspired by God to create the concept of New You on Purpose Webinar. This became a collaborative effort with Deborah Cadore, as well as Tiffany and Nicole Taffe. The idea was to create an event gathering of women to empower each other while they are on their journey to destiny. 

That event blossomed to a movement that is transforming peoples lives!

Presently, we have an endeavor originated by Deborah Cadore called Morning Meditation. She is collaborating with Elder Sheryl Taffe for this God inspired event which will help catapult you into your manifestation for 2023!

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